Hooperon's Lil' Page

Oneshot from idea generator thing


A typewriterer types on a typewriter diligently


A coin fell and makes coin sound

Typewriter glances for a second

"Hey, that’s my coin"

"I suppose so"


"Want some bread?"

"I’m good"

"I insist"


"I have smelled..."

"...smelled some bread..."

"...and I would like some..."

"...some bread but..."

"...but unfortunately I..."

"...I not can eat..."

"...aten’t them."

"Of course silly, where have you been to anyways?"


angry rhino shove marionette flying onto the book case behind typewriter

"Oh my,"

"Not this again,"

Magician (is the bakery carrier)

"It really hates marionette for some reason"

"It really hates our office that’s for sure"


"Marionette, why didn’t you hold the door..."

"Hi.. Uh, want some bakeries?"

"...Oh, that makes sense."

rhino falls asleep/freezes into statue

"Phew, glad that’s been taken care of."

"Congratulations, both of you! What did you do to the specimen?"

"We use illusion spells!"

"You see, we couldn’t quite put the spell of drowsiness on him no matter how many times we tried."

"That was quite some head scratcher honestly, not like we could scratch our heads anyway but that aside."

"As it turns out, our specimen was actually equipped with a resistance spell!"

"So many cloaking spells are casted onto that resistance spell, we couldn’t even detect the spells without multiple enhancement!!"



"So its like a (wooden) sailboat (w/ depth charges) looking for subs?"

"Yes you’re ri... is she?"